Pictured Rocks: 8/8/15

We started our day back-tracking to the Log Slide. I was looking super stylish with my backpack on my back and fanny pack in front for easy access for my diabetes supplies. I’d share pictures, but I don’t want to make you all jealous of how cool I looked. Yet again, we had stunning views of the lake and sand dunes.


The log slide is a giant sand dune. In the past, people would just slide the logs down into the lake. Now, people can stumble down and then drag themselves back up an enormous hill with sand that keeps pushing them back down. That is the realistic way to describe something that is awesome. My hiking group planned ahead and wore our suits so after sliding/stumbling/tripping down, we swam. Yet again, it was freezing, but being a little cold was helpful for the climb back up. There is no way around it; the climb was difficult. I overheard one guy say that he ran a marathon and thought this was harder. I think that that’s an exaggeration, but it was really exciting to accomplish the climb. The views were incredible, but I chose to leave my camera at the top of the dune. I still got some cool shots.


After regenerating a little from the climb, we trudged to our next campsite: Masse Homestead. This was the first time I faced low blood sugar during the trip (popping glucose tablets as I climbed up the dune helped). I initially thought I was just tired, but when I realized that I could not figure out a tent I had set up a number of times, I knew I needed to stop and eat something. Fortunately, I bounced right back. Though it wasn’t the best site (it put people a little close to the bear stuff for my taste), it had some phenomenal views right behind it. Once you hiked up a steep, but short hill, we got to climb more sand dunes. Words cannot explain how beautiful they are. (the pictures are in a gallery setting so click them to see larger versions)

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Some of us decided to go to bed a little early, but I woke up as the star-watching group came back to camp. It actually worked pretty well because I realized I was sweaty and a lot more disoriented than I should have been which are dead giveaways my blood sugar had dropped again. I realized that though I planned meals that met my carbohydrate needs, I should’ve been more conscientious of the amount of protein I was consuming. I now know that I need to bring a lot more protein in the future.


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