Backpacking Again

I will be going backpacking this weekend at Pictured Rocks, but it will be the first time since a major life change.

About a year ago, I turned down a backpacking trip because I was experiencing some illness.  I am still sick, but I now know what is wrong with me.

At some point between December 18 and 19, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes/ LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes of adults). Getting diagnosed is a whole other story.

After managing this disease for about half a year, it came time for me to decide if I would take up the offer from my manager from my last job to join them on a company backpacking trip even though I was no longer working there.  I though about it a lot. While my doctors said I could do what I had been doing before, I monitored my blood sugars during intense exercise and read a lot about other people’s experiences. Fortunately, I have amazing support from my family and friends and another blogging community I am part of, and one of my former roommates is one of the most adventurous people I know and just happens to also be a type 1 diabetic.

I am very excited. I love backpacking. The people I will be hiking with are awesome. I love being outdoors. Pictured Rocks is absolutely gorgeous. There is also that little part of me that is excited to show my diabetes that I won’t let it stop me. Admittedly, I am nervous, but I know that I am prepared to face the challenges this may bring.

I can’t wait to share what I am sure will be an incredible experience!


2 responses to “Backpacking Again

  1. Yeah!! Miss Katie is back! I’m very happy to hear you’re not letting your illness get in the way of living a very happy, active life!! You are an inspiration!!! Love you!

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